Our company, produces and offers products that integrate us as a competitor on the sanitary-veterinary market.

Through the Delos Medica trademark we express our wish to ensure long term animal health by offering all veterinarians and all livestock owners high standard products.

Delos Medica offers medical products for veterinary use manufactured according to EU-GMP standards; these standards are compulsory for the entire personnel and organisation.

Delos Medica offers a large range of products, at competitive prices.

We have the latest technological manufacturing line that facilitates production in terms of maximum efficiency and security while fully respecting work standards.

Delos Medica‘s executive management maintains an organizational culture focused towards a continuous improvement of the finite products, of its employees aptitudes and competences and also its Quality Management System.

Our main concern is the medical product; and we make sure all our products are at the highest quality possible in order to ensure our clients’ and partners’ satisfaction.

Delos Medica‘s values are:

Care for the animals

Delos Medica‘s employees are permanently instructed and prepared in order to realise the best quality products. They share our vision for success, thus being parteners in realising these goals and because of this Delos Medica is interested in motivating its staff towards performance. Also, Delos Medica develops an entire ensemble of selecting, training and motivating its employees in order to ensure their enhusiasm and high proffesional level.