Staff: Alexandru Baciu – Sales Manager

Alexandru Mircea BACIU

Dr. Alexandru Baciu - Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Medic primar veterinar

e-mail: office[@]delosmedica[.]com

Dr. Alexandru Mircea Baciu has a rich professional experience:
– Started as an epizootiology veterinary doctor in one of the largest poultry units in Romania and subsequently worked as an epizootiology veterinary doctor in industrial breeding farms (swine & dairy cows).

– Continued as district veterinary doctor, then in a doctor’s private clinic, as a therapist in the Ministry of Defense and as a  Technical Director at the exclusive representative of the Romanian market of Swiss corporation Novartis Agribusiness – Animal Health Division and Public Hygiene.

In 2000 he became Technical Director at BIOVET Impex, being responsible for coordinating the registration, import, distribution and promotion of the product package of HIPRA and Ocene,  and with the marketing of the product range in Romania of  Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Since April 2013 he joined DELOS Medica as a Sales Manager.
He  is a member of Avian Veterinarians and Small Animal Pathology Company and an author of numerous articles in various professional journals. He has also co-authored the book “DOG – breeding, training, & care”.