Delos Medica  was founded in 1996.

We are a veterinary medicine production and distribution company.

We began our activity by distributing medical products for veterinary use of prestigious international enterprises like Merial, Sanofi (ceva) Novartis,  UpJohn, KRKA, Pfizer etc., to all great poultry and pig farms in Romania.

Delos Medica began its own production of veterinary medicine in 2003. The first products were hidro-soluble powders and medical premixes.

Since 2003, we have gathered experience and knowledge on what “manufacturing” means and have implemented and certified a quality control management according to SREN ISO 9001:2001 specifications and organised its activity respecting GMP and GPL specifications.

The Factory

Built by us in 2008, it is GMP certified and respects the quality standards imposed by European Pharmaceutical legislation.

In the present, Delos Medica has it’s own registered medical products on the market.

The factory has 4 production lines: WS Powders and Premixes, oral solutions, tablets and it is planned to launch an injectable line. We have as target species livestock such as poultry, pigs, cattle, and sheep.

The modern storage spaces and transportation vehicles, ensure conformity with the products quality standards until they reach our clients.

The activity fields certified by ISO 9001 are trading , distribution and transportation of medical products for veterinary use.

Our plans for the future include expanding our client base to an international level: to the European Union and beyond it’s borders.