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Improving and protecting animal health is a long-term commitment

About us

Business ethics and our constant desire to make things better have been at the center of growing a sustainable company. We evolved, we adapted to the industry’s needs and, thus, our company has grown. We are proud of our team, the quality products we offer, and the clients for whom we have become a long-term partner.

We are Delos Medica.

Delos Medica was founded out of our care for animals and food safety, and this can be seen in every aspect of our business. So many clients all around the world choose us for our know-how and quality of our products. We always focus on our clients’ needs, and help them to face their everyday challenges in animal health. We show passion in everything we do, for Delos Medica to be a company of choice in the animal health industry.

Mircea RomanDelos Medica Founder

1996 - A history of 3 decades

In 1996 we committed to protect animal health. We started by distributing veterinary medicinal products from international, renowned companies such as Sanofi, UpJohn, Intervet, KRKA, Pfizer or Pharmacia.

2003- A further step for improving animal health

Out of the desire to provide the best solutions, modern and effective treatments, we started to invest in research, in order to develop our own veterinary medicinal products.

2006-2008 - A factory at the highest European standards

We invested in our own production plant, situated in the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania.  

The plant has 3 production lines, which comply with EU GMP regulations and are periodically audited by the EU and international regulation authorities, in order to ensure the highest quality standards for our products.   

2013 - European quality delivered worldwide

We made the first steps into building a global network of clients and started product registrations worldwide.

2014 - Present - Millions of animals treated with Delos Medica medicines

We are the reliable partner of numerous clients who are using our products in treating millions of animals in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

We are proud to work with a multidisciplinary research team, with veterinarians, chemists and experts developing the best solutions to animal health and food safety.

Important products

Delivering TRUST & QUALITY worldwide