Water Soluble Powders

1 g contains: Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate 800mg; Carrier up to 1 mg

Poultry: Primary and secondary infections with Gram-negative and Gram positive susceptible bacteria to tiamulin.
Pigs: for treatment and control of infectious diseases asociated with Mycoplasma spp., Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Brachispira hyodisenteriae and gram positive microorganisms.

Target species:
For poultry and swine

Dosage for each species, route(s) and method of administration:
Poultry: 47 mg Tiamulin 80% / kg body weight, for 3-5 consecutive days.
Swine:39 mg Tiamulin 80% / b.w., for 3-5 consecutive days. For the treatment of infections related to Serpulina (Brachispira) hyodisenteriae the product is adminitered in dose of 47 mg Tiamulin 80% / kg b.w./day, for 7 consecutive days.

Withdrawal period:
Edible tissues of pig: 9 days from the cessation of oral medication.
Edible tissues of poultry: 7 days from the cessation of oral medication.
Egss: 8 days from the cessation of oral medication.

Special precautions for storage:
In original packaging, at temperature between 15–25ºC, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Bag: 10 g, 25 g, 100 g, 500 g, 1000 g, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg.